Monday, December 29, 2014

Featured Report: The Future Of Wearable Technology Is In The Enterprise (At Least For Now)

Washington Post

IT digest: Smartphone sales up 20 percent in quarter compared with last year
by: Mohana Ravindranath
Smartphone sales up 20% in quarter
Worldwide smartphone sales grew 20.3 percent from the same quarter one year ago, though overall mobile phone sales were flat, a new Gartner report showed.Vendors sold an estimated 301 million smartphones in the third quarter. These accounted for 66 percent of the total mobile phone market.“Sales of [simpler] feature phones declined 25 percent in the third quarter of 2014 because the difference in price between feature phones and low-cost Android smartphones is reducing further,” Roberta Cozza, a Gartner research director, said in a statement. Read More

Marketing Sherpa Blog

Ecommerce: Building online trust before customers click over to your competitors’ sites
by: Daniel Burstein
All marketing is built on trust. Without trust, customers won’t subscribe to your email. They won’t open. They won’t click. And they certainly won’t buy. Keeping this in mind, I interviewed Craig Spiezle, Executive Director and President,Online Trust Alliance, about security, privacy and consumer protection. I’ve also and provided tips on how you can build trust with your customers. Read More


2015's disruptor class: Isaacson on Elon Musk, mobile payments
Trent Gillies
Mobile payments and Elon Musk are among several trends and innovators poised for a breakout year in 2015, according to one expert.In an interview on CNBC, Walter Isaacson, author of the best-selling Steve Jobs  biography, predicts people who are "unbanked" in society will soon be able to make Internet purchases more easily. Isaacson, chief executive of the Aspen Institute, said the lack of banking options available to some will prompt electronic payment systems to rise to the challenge. Read More

Tech Crunch

The Future Of Wearable Technology Is In The Enterprise (At Least For Now)
by: Jonathan Shieber
The first iteration of Google Glass was a flop with consumers (almost from the beginning), most wearables ultimately go unworn, and even boosters bemoan the state of the current wearable market for consumers. Amid all the gloom there’s one trillion dollar bright-spot for the wearable marketplace. From the voice activated communication and logistics devicesmade by Theatro, to the software platforms developed by APX  Labs andAugmate, and the robotic exoskeletons like Lockheed Martin’s Fortis and HULC models or the wearable device from 1MM Corp., a startup just accepted to the R/GA accelerator in New York, for use in warehouses to reduce worker’s injuries. Read More

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